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  • Good Morning Marcia,
    Crystal Blue Cleaning recently was awarded a contract to handle the nightly cleaning for The Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich. We have been working with Megan Sweeney & Bobby Walker. They have been a pleasure to work with. On behalf of our CEO Tom Olin and Debra Lupardo our Head of New Business
    Development we want to Thank You for introducing us to Megan at the After Six Networking Event at the Boys and Girls Club. We hope to continue to expand our presence in the Greenwich area. See you soon!
    Best Regards,

    Joseph Locascio, New Business Development
    Crystal Blue Cleaning | Cleaning, Facilities Management
    and Maintenance




    I can’t tell you how much gratitude we owe you for the Harry Keleshian Small Business Award. It is such an honor and you know my dad would be crying. He is definitely looking over you, so always know you have that angel. He adored your strength, enthusiasm, dedication and smarts. He always talked about you in the office saying “that Marcia is getting it done”. And he was right. Another fabulous event making the Chamber and our town, stronger together.  Thank you Marcia.

    Alyssa Keleshian Bonomo



    Thank You for having us at the Saks Greenwich event. It was honestly one of the best events we have attended. Your team is very welcoming along with all the guests. I wanted to ask you if you can email us the application as we discussed that day as we want to join the chamber of commerce. It would be an honor. We hope to work together, and hope we can benefit you in some way as well.
    We also have great graphic designers on our team if you may need any assistance for any upcoming events this would be our gift to the chamber as we want to help the community.

    Diana Dyachenko Deva
    Co Founder / CEO Diamond Rose Box



    Thank You for a wonderful event yesterday at the Business Showcase. Everything was first class and we met some good people we hope will turn into new buiness in the near future. Great selection of food as well!

    Joseph Locascio
    Crystal Blue Cleaning Services



    Hi Marcia, I want to thank YOU for the professional privilege and personal pleasure it was to participate in the Business Showcase. I collected 9 business cards from the other participants and visitors that may lead to possible business ventures that I'm looking for. I look forward to the next opportunity. Keep me posted. Many many many thanks for coming into my life.


    Gene Zelazny



    You do a great job for the community!


    Steve Axthelm

    Hy's Limousine Worldwide / Greenwich Executive Transportation




    Gretchen is such an inspiring force for change. Her words were a heartfelt call to action that we all must embrace. I'm so grateful to have been there. My compliments to the Chamber for putting together such a memorable event.


    Facebook comment by Diane Clehane



  • Earlier today members of our Management team and New Account Development team, had the privilege of having a teleconference with the President and CEO of Greenwich Chamber of Commerce, Marcia O'Kane.


    What a fantastic call!


    Crystal Blue is honored to be a proud new member of the great Greenwich Chamber of Commerce.


    Marcia is a dynamic leader who really has things hopping.
    Crystal Blue will be pleased to discuss with any Chamber member, who we are and what we do.


    Crystal Blue Cleaning Services



    The GCC Business and Culinary Showcase was a well choreographed and attended event. I enjoyed the event and felt that this year there was some strong and positive B2B and leads generated.


    Debbie Miron



  • Dear Marcia:

    What a wonderful celebration in honor of the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce 100th Anniversary! Not only did all the attendees have a fun time, but also so many businessmen and women reconnected after so long a period, and enjoyed sharing ideas, seeing old friends, and networking as well. The food was delicious and Plum Catering and Greenwich Staffing did a fine job. The 100th anniversary cake was so unique, so delicious, and we all enjoyed it so much. Your event was such a success that attendees are still talking about the entire evening and all the fun of seeing old business friends, the fine speeches that were given, and the good food and music.


    Many thanks for such a lovely evening at Betteridge!


    James and Leah Marmon



  • Good Morning Marcia,
    I have complimented Mike at Plum for spectacular catering for the 100th Celebration. I’m hoping he will cater my granddaughter’s 1st birthday party in May!
    Kudos to you for a fantastic event! I caught up with so many who I haven’t seen in years.
    You created a memorable time!

    Patti DeFelice
    Pattys’ Portico




    Chris and Irene Theriot



  • Dear Marcia,
    The 100th anniversary celebration of the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce's kick-off cocktail party at Betteridge Jewelers last night was lovely.
    Your "100th team" thought of everything for the enjoyment of all--live period music, delicious hors d'oeuvres, and wine aplenty amid a setting of magnificent glistening jewelry and gems.
    The founders of the Chamber of Commerce, had they been able to attend, would have been exceptionally pleased and truly amazed to see how far the organization had come in 100 years.
    Congratulations and kudos to all!

    Davidde E. Strackbein
    Chair, Board of Trustees
    Greenwich Historical Society



  • John Kennedy



  • 'I just joined the Chamber. At my very first After Six networking event I got three strong leads for business including one that could represent amazing continued repeat business. As I browsed the room looking at all the name tags I was a little skeptical because I wasn’t sure if the people attending this event would have any use for our studio, I then decided to just introduce myself to one of the individuals attending & it was a GREAT conversation. This gave me the confidence to walk up to a couple other individuals I wasn’t sure about and it turned out everyone I talked to said they had a need for our studio. You never know who you will meet and what it will turn into! I am so happy we joined the Greenwich Chamber. Already my investment paid off!'

    Jess Beladino
    SpeedPro Imaging



  • Dear Marcia,
    Just a note to thank you for the lovely--and especially delicious--Chamber of Commerce luncheon today. I enjoyed hearing First Selectman Peter Tesei's recap of what is happening in our Town and what is yet to come in the year ahead.
    But, I was surprised to hear in your opening remarks that you had received requests for more programs/events.
    It is a testimony to the success of your wonderful events that people would like more of them, but I was amazed considering that one of your events seems to be in the newspapers every week. And, they are not only well advertised, but include a variety of offerings which would appear to entice and satisfy your broad client base.
    Also, knowing how much thought and work are involved in creating just one of the events, you must not sleep nights to accommodate the hours needed to create the events you already produce.
    Thank you for all you do every day to make this world a better place for all of us!

    Davidde E. Strackbein
    Chair, Board of Trustees

    Greenwich Historical Society



  • 'Greenwich Chamber helped me get the word out about my dog massage business by offering me advice on how to target market potential clients. My business was given exposure on the local radio show through an interview and the Chamber even arranged for a half page interview in Greenwich Time. I am so grateful I joined this wonderful organization!'

    Kim Freeman
    Canine Massage Therapist



  • During a recent issue I had with Greenwich Taxi, I contacted Marcia O'Kane, President and Chief Executive Officer of Greenwich Chamber of Commerce to ask for her help. She was great. She immediately put me in contact with Buddy Boskello, the President of Greenwich Taxi, who was also great. He resolved the issue with one phone call and to the satisfaction of all concerned. Thank you Marcia and thank you Buddy!

    Pat Rogers
    Riverside, CT



  • 'So happy to have found and joined the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce, a uniquely collaborative community of professionals.  Marcia O’Kane and the rest of the Chamber’s staff have built a remarkable tool for believers in referral networking. What an advantage being associated with this amazing group of business people gives us!'

    Paul & Susan Doyle
    Oasis Senior Advisors



    'When Webster Bank opened its newest office in Greenwich in 2012, joining the Chamber was the first item of business.
    Since that time, Webster Bank has become the lead sponsor for the Annual Awards Luncheon and the State of the Town Luncheon each year.
    We are very fortunate to have such a vibrant, effective Chamber with leadership that really cares about its members.
    Webster Bank is proud to be a member and has realized great value in that membership. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership with the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce.'

    David Rabin
    Webster Bank


    'Please remember that Greenwich Admissions Advisors is thriving BECAUSE of YOU. And I thank you always!'

    Dr. Paul Lowe
    Greenwich Admissions Advisors


    Thank you very much for helping make my first seminar in my new career a huge success.  Twenty six people attended.  Many stayed afterwards requesting another follow-up meeting.  Everyone told me it was informative and helpful. I can’t thank each of you enough for going above and beyond in terms of patience, support, kindness and help at The Chamber in terms of creating an icon to put on your website to helping publicize my event.  Thank you, Dan and Marcia for being super supportive and helpful, beyond words.  Please know how grateful I am to each of you.

    Robin Pastore
    Insurance Sales CT, NY, TX



    'It was very nice to meet you at Wednesday's event.  It was a nice event, great turnout and I must tell you that you and the other people working the event were very welcoming.  I am glad that I chose to join this Chamber and look forward participating in other events, etc. offered by the Chamber.'

    Christy Gendalia
    Rand Commercial Services



    'Hi Marcia, How nice it was seeing you last evening at the Business seminar! I found it very informative and very well presented. I was very excited as some people actually were able to call me by name and knew my business. I hadn't seen Jim Shattuck since last December and he remembered my name!! I saw someone from the Business and Culinary Expo last night at the seminar and we actually recognized one another. I can't say enough about how the Chamber has welcomed me. Everyone has been so kind and helpful.'

    Maureen Roche
    Your Patient Advocate, LLC




    'I am so pleased, Ann, with your kindness and outreach and the gracious and caring manner that you and Marcia extend to all of us. It means so much to so many of us to belong to a group of community active members that show such deep concern for each other.'

    Jill Agonis
    Greenwich Dental Associates




    'Regina’s Art Center would like to express its sincerest gratitude over being welcomed into the family of the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce. We are honored to be among a group of hard-working and devoted people who help local businesses to succeed and expend their future horizons. Having come from an area that has been afflicted by Hurricane Sandy, we’d like to give a special thank you to Marcia O’Kane, the Executive Director of the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce, for advising and mentoring Regina’s Art Center during the past few months. Donating the proceeds from Regina’s Art Center drawing workshop to the Chamber of Commerce was our way to give back to the Greenwich community and the very least that we could do to show how grateful we are.'


    Jenny Polozov
    Regina's Art Center




    'I am very excited to be a member of the Greenwich Chamber because, after having attended several events,  I have already connected with many individuals and companies that are interested in our exclusive admissions advisory services and--icing on the cake--a few excellent referral partners!  The membership is a priceless and invaluable resource that paid for itself immediately.  Not only has Greenwich Admissions Advisors gained a plethora of business, I have also built amazing and mutually beneficial relationships.  I am especially impressed with its dynamic and enthusiastic executive director, Marcia O’Kane and the staff!  There are so many opportunities to promote my business, and Marcia and staff are enthusiastically proactive in making sure I am aware of all of them.'


    Dr. Paul Lowe
    Greenwich Admissions Advisors




    'Congratulations on another wonderful event.  With your leadership, you orchestrated a lovely late afternoon networking event that brought so many nice people together.  I am honored to be associated with such a dynamic group--and people dedicated to reach out and welcome, network and engage.  I believe we are entering the next phase when so many great ideas can be implemented to help increase membership, member services and events.'


    Debbie Miron
    DSM Marketing




    'The Chamber works! On our first day of membership - I attended the Awards Luncheon. Lovely venue - great energy and warm welcome given to me.' 

    'Little did I expect - immediate dividends in terms of new business. I was able to set up a demo at the luncheon for our state of the art water filtration system. A few days later - closed it. I am looking forward to a long relationship with Chamber members -not just in closing business - but in being part of helping each other grow in a myriad of other ways. Also, three cheers for Marcia A. O'Kane. Her leadership is tremendous - and her positive spirit is a part of the reason we joined. Looking forward to a great partnership.'

    Geoffrey Kirshner
    Enviro Water




    'I wanted to express my sincere thank you to all involved in making yesterday(Annual Awards Luncheon) a very special day for me and my Company, and my family.  I know there are very, very many equally, or more, qualified 'corporate leaders' in Greenwich.  We are blessed.  My thank you to Jim Shattuck, who I failed to mention in my remarks, who I understand stuffed the ballot box!  I have always valued the Chamber and its importance to the entire Town, too often never getting the credit it deserves.  It takes many leaders, all of who sit on the Board or who work quietly on the side.  Again, thank you all so much and I hope to always be a part of your efforts.'


    Gerald Porricelli
    Porricelli's Market




    'We moved to Greenwich in October of 2011. I knew no one in the business community. Joining the Greenwich Chamber put me in the middle of a vibrant business environment. The members have been warm and helpful, introducing me to prospects in the Greenwich area. I've made some good friends here and am actively giving back to the Chamber by becoming a Chamber Ambassador, helping other newcomers get started.'


    Richard Lewine
    RSL Consulting Group




    “Your recent After Six event was great. It was the most high energy and positive After Six event I have attended in a long time.”


    Greenwich Woods




    “Great event.  Already got 2 appointments from The Chamber’s most recent After Six event!”


    Barbara Paul
    Sales Rep
    Daily Greenwich




    After getting a referral client just after joining The Chamber, “That is amazing!!!! I am excited! I am so glad that we are working together! “This is what I truly wanted to gain from our relationship together. Not only being a part of our community but making those business connections and working together to help one another's business grow.”


    Greenwich Dental Associates




    “It has been the hotel’s pleasure to be a member of the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce over the past few years.  The Chamber provides great resources for networking among all of the local businesses.  We appreciate and value the consistent support that the Chamber provides to the hotel.”


    Saeed Nasiri
    CFO and Vice President of Operations
    Delamar Hotel - Greenwich Harbor




    “McArdle’s participation as a member of the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce is a good thing for our business. It enhances our positive image and is an indication of our commitment to serve the Greenwich community. We look forward to the long term benefits that may be derived.”


    James McCardle
    McCardle's Florist and Garden Center




    Greenwich Chamber of Commerce has to be the best host for those looking to do some serious networking or for those who are new to the area.

    Marcia O'Kane, Executive Director, is one of the most warm and welcoming individuals to work with.  She is very well connected to the community and will practically take you by the hand and lead you to professional opportunities you may never have thought of.  Her events are not only serious networking opportunities and well organized, they are FUN!

    Elizabeth Wald, Jewelry Designer
    Stones In Harmony