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  • Now at Angela Cosmai Salon Kenjiro Maruyama!

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    January 29, 2019

    Now at Angela Cosmai Salon Kenjiro Maruyama!

    Stylist Kenjiro Maruyama in Eiji Salon trained in Japan for 10 years before studying under the late stylist-guru John Sahag, known for his legendary "dry cut" technique. As the name indicates, this type of cut is done with a client’s hair in its dry, natural state, without the typical shampoo and rinse. Maruyama currently practices this technique at Eiji Salon, where he has been for the last 19 years alongside top hairstylist/owner, Eiji Yamane. According to Maruyama, the dry cut is not only trimming hair, but ensuring that when it grows out it can maintain its shape. He says, “Hair is a living thing like a plant, and it will grow out naturally in the months following. I cut so that clients won’t feel like they have to rush back to the salon for a haircut, and can instead enjoy its natural growth.” Maruyama compares Eiji Salon’s philosophy of haircutting to building a house. “Both are about adding small layers to make a final product, and it is how these layers are constructed that determines the ultimate shape.” He strives to create hairstyles that are not artificial, but freely moving with luster. A dry cut at Eiji Salon will typically take over an hour, during which Maruyama communicates with the client to find the design which will perfectly fit him/her. “While cutting, I get to know their hair and sense clients’ moods. There is a unique energy born in the space between client and stylist, which makes cutting hair border on the spiritual.”


    Angela Cosmai Salon
    289 Greenwich Ave. (Lower Level)  |  Greenwich, CT 06830

    (203) 461-8252