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  • "Be Unique" - LinkedIn Personal Branding Educational Seminar Recap

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    Missed our Chamber's Educational seminar this month? Below is a brief summary of our seminar; Jump Start your Personal Brand with Sandra Long from Post Road Consulting.

    Be Unique

    With over 450 million LinkedIn users — two new users per second — it is increasingly important to "Be Unique." Sandra highlighted the importance of having a LinkedIn personal profile that creates an authentic, unique impression for you and your brand. 

    "Be that orange fish in an ocean filled with blue fish."

    How can you stand out?
    • Professional Expertise - be specific
    • Highlight Your Personal Qualities - demonstrate your personality, vision, values and attitude in your profile summary.
      • use action verbs in your experience
      • outline education, courses and certifications
      • include publications, patents, projects, organizations and volunteering
      • write a compelling summary and headlines
      • use language and keywords that are relevant for search engines
      • utilize compelling images and videos
      • list recommendations and endorsements
    • Be Memorable -
      • have a good headshot !
      • summary and headline - use keywords for better search results, language, images and video that demonstrate brand
      • use compelling action verbs and write your profile in first person
      • use a banner image that re-enforces your brand
    • Be a Thought Leader -
      • share, publish, blog and include slideshow presentations

    Interested in learning more? Here are some videos from our meeting:
    "Online Impressions" from "LinkedIn for Personal Branding"
    Personas for Your LinkedIn Profile Summary

    Also, Sandra's new book; LinkedIn for Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide is now available on Amazon!

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